Be the breath of God

This morning during worship I got wrecked by the lord. It’s seeming like an amazing trend recently between the Lord and I. During these encounters with Him, I find myself directly interceding for my generation, our nation, other nations, and the world. I Stand in the gap for the children that have not yet realized who they are and Who’s they are. I find myself directly speaking to their spirits screaming “Can’t you see? Can’t you see how great our Papa is!? Can you feel His love? Can’t you see? Can’t you see who you are? You are sons! YOU ARE SONS!!!”

 This deep deep longing, passion, and groan comes out of me. It comes out of me so strong and powerful it shakes my whole being. It is a roar. The roar of the lion in me. The roar of a son. I can’t fully explain it, but it is directly from my spirit and the lord. 

Yeah screaming at the complete top of my lungs may seem strange and weird to most…. But I do not care in the least. I am a son and I am changing the world and I will roar. I will scream until ALL of my brothers and sister wake up… WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER! Oh how the body of Christ needs you! Oh how this world needs you! ……oh how I need you…. This is why I can’t be silent. I know I have a sound that needs and must be released into the sleepers, my brothers and sisters, and the world.
In the middle of this craziness, Papa showed me the world like Him and I were in space looking at it. I could see at the top of the globe this army just cresting over the top with light behind them. My spirit knew who they were…. they were the sons of God, the sons of God almighty already risen and they were spreading all over the earth!!! This was not a past or a future thing, but right NOW! This is current, it is happening, they have awoken! …. And more are everyday…. 

I know who I am – I am a breaker and an awakener in the spirit. I breath the breath of God into dry bones and speak life into dead hearts. We are all Jesus’s breath in the earth. 
Be the breath of God…. Just breath….