Some thoughts outta my head

Today I was thinking about sonship and how it’s something that was born in us and something we walk out as we grow. It’s something that we don’t have to strive to be yet it’s a level of maturity and heightened awareness of the Father and who we truly are as sons of the living loving Father God. 

It is deep yet simple. It seems complicated at times but it is so so so simple. It is almost too simple and we majorly over complicate it and our walk with the Lord. Jesus just tells us to walk in it, be it, basically just do it because it’s already in you. He already secured our identities in Himself, we are a finished work. Sin, death, hell, and the grave, it is all finished. We are who He says we are. We are His kids. 

It’s harder to act outside of who we are than to just be ourselves. The thing is, we have taken on identities that are not our own and things we were never made or meant to take on and carry as our own. The hard part is unlearning all the false identities and lies, unlearning coping habits and letting down the walls we ourselves have built up around our hearts. The hard part is getting over what others think of us and insecurities that we have accepted as normal when they are the furthest thing from how we are suppose to live. 

Striving just gets in the way, let go and just be you. 

Striving to be what others say you should be is like holding onto a bolder and jumping into the sea and expecting to float. Striving to become someone else is not only slapping yourself in the face, but Jesus’s as well because He made you YOU to reveal a part of His heart and you can’t do that without being YOU. The body of Christ is robbed when you hide yourself under a shade. Striving to not sin only makes you focus on sin and whatever one focuses on, one is bound to do it. Our focus should not be the sin in our lives or others, but rather the good, the light, the Jesus in all of us. That is were life comes from, so focus on life, not death that has already been nailed to the cross. Jesus didn’t focus on sin, neither should you. 

Christ says to be like a child, why is that? Well a child could care less what others think of them. They have no shame, they are completely themselves, completely unaltered, and completely free. The do not let logic and what man thinks is possible or impossible limit them or limit their imaginations. They do not have anything holding them back from their true identities. They also see others in the same way, they see you for you, not for what you are wearing, what you look like, if you are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly or anything in between. They know how to be Christ’s love because it’s all they know, they haven’t been tampered with and their views have not been perverted. They know full well who their Daddy is. The Father hides the secrets of heaven in children and not learned ones for those very reason. 

In sonship there is complete surrender to the Father, walking with Him in relationship hand in hand, a realization and knowing who you are and Who’s you are and walking in your true identity as royalty. One doesn’t need approval from others to be themselves, they know they need to be themselves for those others for they have something this world needs. The earth groans for sons to arise and release her from captivity.  We were made to be kings and queens with the King of kings. 
let’s walk in it. 

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