“Your path is my path. My path is your path.”

A few nights ago I was lying in bed and a random thought popped into my head, what if I asked God what the path I’m currently on looked like compared to His? So I asked Him and then I saw a map. The best I can describe it would have to be like looking at a GPS screen after one has already punched in the destination and its showing the route to take. My path was the color green and then there was another path that was yellow right beside mine that paralleled and sometimes weaved around my green line all the way to whatever the destination was, that yellow was God’s path. I felt in my spirit the Lord say “Your path is my path. My path is your path.”

So manny young adults, and even all grown up folk, are worried if they are in the Lord’s will or not and are stuck in the “I can’t move without hearing God’s voice” mindset that they miss what God has given them… 

Free will. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things we need to go to Jesus about and ask Him what’s up and wait for Him, but there is also times when He is waiting on us to move and do and I’ve found that that is more often than not the case. God is not a micromanager of His kids. He has plans and purposes that He places in us, but it’s our choice to walk with Him and explore those things together. He has a calling on every single life, but that calling is an invitation. He gives us freedom, He doesn’t demand and order because that’s not relationship, and He is all about relationship. It’s not His character to demand, He wants to partner with us and us with Him. We are not meant to be slaves, we are designed to be sons. 

Let’s think of a dad and his son, would the father really want his son to ask him every single time he wants to go do something? No, of course not, especially if he was grown, he would say, “son, yeah it’s okay. Now for the last time, please go live your life, I want you to have fun and live it fully.” 

In anything and everything we do, Jesus is with us. He never leaves, He never takes a break from us (even if we check out from Him for a little bit), and He never forsakes us. Period. The end. 
So that means every stupid decision we make, He is there. He just turns it around and uses it for our good and the bettering of our hearts in some way or another. In every good choice, guess what? He is smack dab in the middle of that too. He is constantly using anything He can to draw you in for an encounter with Him.

It is our own minds that limit God and relationship with Him. So when one shifts their thinking from a slave mentality and viewing God as a master to “I am a son and He is my loving Father”, one will start to see that…we are His will. He wants us to prosper, to go after our dreams, and encourage our passions. He wants to be in the midst of it all and work through us while we do what we are passionate about. 

Father God sends us in the same way He sent Jesus, to be His reckless love to everyone on the earth and we have the Holy Spirit as a helper to do it! Why would Jesus send us the Holy Spirit and call Him our helper if we are just robots only following orders from the mothership? He called the Spirit a helper because we are the ones that are suppose to take life by the horns and go and be Father’s will! To advance His kingdom by forceful action, not waiting around for an answer when you are that very answer! Arise into your sonship and calling and go! Go do what the Lord has already put inside of you to do and our amazing loving Father will go with you in that. Him partnering with us and us with Him in oneness is what it’s all about. The Spirit is what goes with us in power and strength for us to be His will. 
Jesus just wants to go with us and be and see what we are doing and help guide us, not as a master, but as a loving Father. 

He knows every hair on your head just because He loves you. He bottles up every tear because they are precious and priceless to Him, so how greater do you believe He feels about the passions in your heart? What importance He puts on your longings? He wants to experience them with you as you pursue them and Him. You are His pride and joy. 

As I looked at the map and the yellow and green paths, There was no pressure or weight from Him to do this or that, but just to be myself and who He created me to be. I couldn’t help but feel free. Free to run, free to jump, free to explore because I know my Papa is right there with me just waiting to see what I’ll do next…what we’ll do next together. 

There is freedom in the name of Jesus. 

-Casey King 

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