How deep do you want to go?

This morning at church the Lord showed me something so simple, but it struck me pretty deep. We were singing a song about how God’s love is like an ocean. During the song I saw water all through the building up to my belt buckle, I was touching the top of the water with my finger tips just playing with it and worshiping Him, I knew it was the lord’s love. He told me the water will only get higher as we press into Him, as we open more of ourselves up to each other and Him. 

The Lord then took me to a beautiful ocean, the water was so blue and clear and the sand was clean and reminded me of gold flakes. It was so so vast as far as the eye could see in all directions. It was so so beautiful. I walked out into the ocean until the water was up to my waist and I stopped. The lord said “you can go as deep as you want in my love son, it is your choice, your decision. I don’t force my love, but I give it away freely and without end or restrictions.” 
The ocean really is one of the best descriptions of Jesus’s love. When one is at the beach, they can just sit on its edge in the sand and just admire it and try and take in its vastness and beauty. Others may go crazy and dive right into it without a second thought. It is completely up to us how deep we go into the Father and His incredible unending love. His heart is wide open to us, just like the ocean, and He is waiting to see how far we want to go. As we go Inch by inch, step by step, He just waits for us to go deeper and deeper every time. He is so patient with us. 
His love is powerful, and it can be scary, just like the ocean, but it is what we were made for, it is what we were made to walk in and be consumed by and poor out of our inner most beings on everyone. 
I don’t know about others, but I want to completely dive into Papa’s love and all that is in Him. I want to go so deep that I’m drowning in his majesty, in His grace and mercy that that is all that people see. When others see me I want them to see Jesus and I want to be so consumed by Him and so open and familiar to His voice that it will be like second nature to me. I don’t want to stop when it gets waist deep, I want to continue on until it completely over takes me. I want to go into the deepest parts of Father’s heart, and I sure do not want a live raft. 
I want to be stranded and drowning in your love Father. I love You and your wide open Heart Papa and I can’t wait to take on even more of who You are and you reveal more of who I really am. You continue to show me that who I am in You is Your heart.  I love who You are. 
-Casey King 


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