Be the breath of God

This morning during worship I got wrecked by the lord. It’s seeming like an amazing trend recently between the Lord and I. During these encounters with Him, I find myself directly interceding for my generation, our nation, other nations, and the world. I Stand in the gap for the children that have not yet realized who they are and Who’s they are. I find myself directly speaking to their spirits screaming “Can’t you see? Can’t you see how great our Papa is!? Can you feel His love? Can’t you see? Can’t you see who you are? You are sons! YOU ARE SONS!!!”

 This deep deep longing, passion, and groan comes out of me. It comes out of me so strong and powerful it shakes my whole being. It is a roar. The roar of the lion in me. The roar of a son. I can’t fully explain it, but it is directly from my spirit and the lord. 

Yeah screaming at the complete top of my lungs may seem strange and weird to most…. But I do not care in the least. I am a son and I am changing the world and I will roar. I will scream until ALL of my brothers and sister wake up… WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER! Oh how the body of Christ needs you! Oh how this world needs you! ……oh how I need you…. This is why I can’t be silent. I know I have a sound that needs and must be released into the sleepers, my brothers and sisters, and the world.
In the middle of this craziness, Papa showed me the world like Him and I were in space looking at it. I could see at the top of the globe this army just cresting over the top with light behind them. My spirit knew who they were…. they were the sons of God, the sons of God almighty already risen and they were spreading all over the earth!!! This was not a past or a future thing, but right NOW! This is current, it is happening, they have awoken! …. And more are everyday…. 

I know who I am – I am a breaker and an awakener in the spirit. I breath the breath of God into dry bones and speak life into dead hearts. We are all Jesus’s breath in the earth. 
Be the breath of God…. Just breath…. 

Some thoughts outta my head

Today I was thinking about sonship and how it’s something that was born in us and something we walk out as we grow. It’s something that we don’t have to strive to be yet it’s a level of maturity and heightened awareness of the Father and who we truly are as sons of the living loving Father God. 

It is deep yet simple. It seems complicated at times but it is so so so simple. It is almost too simple and we majorly over complicate it and our walk with the Lord. Jesus just tells us to walk in it, be it, basically just do it because it’s already in you. He already secured our identities in Himself, we are a finished work. Sin, death, hell, and the grave, it is all finished. We are who He says we are. We are His kids. 

It’s harder to act outside of who we are than to just be ourselves. The thing is, we have taken on identities that are not our own and things we were never made or meant to take on and carry as our own. The hard part is unlearning all the false identities and lies, unlearning coping habits and letting down the walls we ourselves have built up around our hearts. The hard part is getting over what others think of us and insecurities that we have accepted as normal when they are the furthest thing from how we are suppose to live. 

Striving just gets in the way, let go and just be you. 

Striving to be what others say you should be is like holding onto a bolder and jumping into the sea and expecting to float. Striving to become someone else is not only slapping yourself in the face, but Jesus’s as well because He made you YOU to reveal a part of His heart and you can’t do that without being YOU. The body of Christ is robbed when you hide yourself under a shade. Striving to not sin only makes you focus on sin and whatever one focuses on, one is bound to do it. Our focus should not be the sin in our lives or others, but rather the good, the light, the Jesus in all of us. That is were life comes from, so focus on life, not death that has already been nailed to the cross. Jesus didn’t focus on sin, neither should you. 

Christ says to be like a child, why is that? Well a child could care less what others think of them. They have no shame, they are completely themselves, completely unaltered, and completely free. The do not let logic and what man thinks is possible or impossible limit them or limit their imaginations. They do not have anything holding them back from their true identities. They also see others in the same way, they see you for you, not for what you are wearing, what you look like, if you are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly or anything in between. They know how to be Christ’s love because it’s all they know, they haven’t been tampered with and their views have not been perverted. They know full well who their Daddy is. The Father hides the secrets of heaven in children and not learned ones for those very reason. 

In sonship there is complete surrender to the Father, walking with Him in relationship hand in hand, a realization and knowing who you are and Who’s you are and walking in your true identity as royalty. One doesn’t need approval from others to be themselves, they know they need to be themselves for those others for they have something this world needs. The earth groans for sons to arise and release her from captivity.  We were made to be kings and queens with the King of kings. 
let’s walk in it. 

How deep do you want to go?

This morning at church the Lord showed me something so simple, but it struck me pretty deep. We were singing a song about how God’s love is like an ocean. During the song I saw water all through the building up to my belt buckle, I was touching the top of the water with my finger tips just playing with it and worshiping Him, I knew it was the lord’s love. He told me the water will only get higher as we press into Him, as we open more of ourselves up to each other and Him. 

The Lord then took me to a beautiful ocean, the water was so blue and clear and the sand was clean and reminded me of gold flakes. It was so so vast as far as the eye could see in all directions. It was so so beautiful. I walked out into the ocean until the water was up to my waist and I stopped. The lord said “you can go as deep as you want in my love son, it is your choice, your decision. I don’t force my love, but I give it away freely and without end or restrictions.” 
The ocean really is one of the best descriptions of Jesus’s love. When one is at the beach, they can just sit on its edge in the sand and just admire it and try and take in its vastness and beauty. Others may go crazy and dive right into it without a second thought. It is completely up to us how deep we go into the Father and His incredible unending love. His heart is wide open to us, just like the ocean, and He is waiting to see how far we want to go. As we go Inch by inch, step by step, He just waits for us to go deeper and deeper every time. He is so patient with us. 
His love is powerful, and it can be scary, just like the ocean, but it is what we were made for, it is what we were made to walk in and be consumed by and poor out of our inner most beings on everyone. 
I don’t know about others, but I want to completely dive into Papa’s love and all that is in Him. I want to go so deep that I’m drowning in his majesty, in His grace and mercy that that is all that people see. When others see me I want them to see Jesus and I want to be so consumed by Him and so open and familiar to His voice that it will be like second nature to me. I don’t want to stop when it gets waist deep, I want to continue on until it completely over takes me. I want to go into the deepest parts of Father’s heart, and I sure do not want a live raft. 
I want to be stranded and drowning in your love Father. I love You and your wide open Heart Papa and I can’t wait to take on even more of who You are and you reveal more of who I really am. You continue to show me that who I am in You is Your heart.  I love who You are. 
-Casey King 

“Your path is my path. My path is your path.”

A few nights ago I was lying in bed and a random thought popped into my head, what if I asked God what the path I’m currently on looked like compared to His? So I asked Him and then I saw a map. The best I can describe it would have to be like looking at a GPS screen after one has already punched in the destination and its showing the route to take. My path was the color green and then there was another path that was yellow right beside mine that paralleled and sometimes weaved around my green line all the way to whatever the destination was, that yellow was God’s path. I felt in my spirit the Lord say “Your path is my path. My path is your path.”

So manny young adults, and even all grown up folk, are worried if they are in the Lord’s will or not and are stuck in the “I can’t move without hearing God’s voice” mindset that they miss what God has given them… 

Free will. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely things we need to go to Jesus about and ask Him what’s up and wait for Him, but there is also times when He is waiting on us to move and do and I’ve found that that is more often than not the case. God is not a micromanager of His kids. He has plans and purposes that He places in us, but it’s our choice to walk with Him and explore those things together. He has a calling on every single life, but that calling is an invitation. He gives us freedom, He doesn’t demand and order because that’s not relationship, and He is all about relationship. It’s not His character to demand, He wants to partner with us and us with Him. We are not meant to be slaves, we are designed to be sons. 

Let’s think of a dad and his son, would the father really want his son to ask him every single time he wants to go do something? No, of course not, especially if he was grown, he would say, “son, yeah it’s okay. Now for the last time, please go live your life, I want you to have fun and live it fully.” 

In anything and everything we do, Jesus is with us. He never leaves, He never takes a break from us (even if we check out from Him for a little bit), and He never forsakes us. Period. The end. 
So that means every stupid decision we make, He is there. He just turns it around and uses it for our good and the bettering of our hearts in some way or another. In every good choice, guess what? He is smack dab in the middle of that too. He is constantly using anything He can to draw you in for an encounter with Him.

It is our own minds that limit God and relationship with Him. So when one shifts their thinking from a slave mentality and viewing God as a master to “I am a son and He is my loving Father”, one will start to see that…we are His will. He wants us to prosper, to go after our dreams, and encourage our passions. He wants to be in the midst of it all and work through us while we do what we are passionate about. 

Father God sends us in the same way He sent Jesus, to be His reckless love to everyone on the earth and we have the Holy Spirit as a helper to do it! Why would Jesus send us the Holy Spirit and call Him our helper if we are just robots only following orders from the mothership? He called the Spirit a helper because we are the ones that are suppose to take life by the horns and go and be Father’s will! To advance His kingdom by forceful action, not waiting around for an answer when you are that very answer! Arise into your sonship and calling and go! Go do what the Lord has already put inside of you to do and our amazing loving Father will go with you in that. Him partnering with us and us with Him in oneness is what it’s all about. The Spirit is what goes with us in power and strength for us to be His will. 
Jesus just wants to go with us and be and see what we are doing and help guide us, not as a master, but as a loving Father. 

He knows every hair on your head just because He loves you. He bottles up every tear because they are precious and priceless to Him, so how greater do you believe He feels about the passions in your heart? What importance He puts on your longings? He wants to experience them with you as you pursue them and Him. You are His pride and joy. 

As I looked at the map and the yellow and green paths, There was no pressure or weight from Him to do this or that, but just to be myself and who He created me to be. I couldn’t help but feel free. Free to run, free to jump, free to explore because I know my Papa is right there with me just waiting to see what I’ll do next…what we’ll do next together. 

There is freedom in the name of Jesus. 

-Casey King 

Our voices matter

I’ve been debating weather or not to start a blog for a few months now, I wasn’t sure it was nessesary because I post things on Facebook that I feel the Lord has layed on my heart and that that was good enough – I did my part by sharing what was in me.

I wasn’t sure about this whole blog thing because I’ve never done one before and I’m not the king of the hill when it comes to spelling or grammar and I won’t lie, I was a little hesitant about putting my thoughts out there for all to see. Maybe a little afraid that my thoughts wouldn’t matter and wouldn’t make that much of a difference or that i would say something wrong or if I would even be able to do this. But then it hit me… my words, my voice, my feelings and thoughts…. They have weight. They do matter. I am important. I am a son. I will change lives. Weather it be the Lord using me to write, speak, or just love on someone, I refuse to not make a difference by sitting back and doing nothing, by laying down and being silent….By believing those lies. 

Facebook is a great way for me to express my thoughts and share things, but I feel starting a blog makes it more weighty – it gives off a more serious and profession feel to me. 

 My thoughts and the things Jesus puts in me need to be heard, He put them there for a reason didn’t He? I feel like I’m a pretty open person, but I want to be completely wide open to Jesus, my family, and all of the world. This world needs me. 

I hope that whoever reads this feels inspired to start their own blog if they have been debating like I have. I say you have a voice and you are important, we each have something that needs to be realized and released into the earth. The body of Christ is like a giant puzzle and we are the pieces. Each piece is different and each one is so important and crucial. The big picture can not be seen unless all the parts are accounted for, the big picture starts with you. 

My voice matters and so does yours. Let’s be bold, let’s be loud, let’s be seen, let us do something about it together. 

-Casey King